Facing the Ice Labyrinth

Facing the Ice Labyrinth Quest


A mysterious cave covered in ice has appeared on Versii Island. Many beanlings have entered but so far none have returned. Your beanling has decided to explore the cave with their friends, they are confident that with their combined abilities they can overcome anything! Depict your beanling and their party exploring the cave. Maybe they have stumbled upon some of the lost travelers? Maybe they have found some items trapped within the icy walls? Maybe they are lost?

About the Ice Labyrinth:

The Ice Labyrinth is an ice covered cave system located on Versii Island. It is not yet mapped, though it can be assumed that it is filled with monsters and possibly loot. The floor and walls interchange between snow and ice with some portions starting the melt slightly.

About this Quest:

If you participate in this quest you have the opportunity to advance to a second prompt which will count as one of your monthly quests if you chose to accept. You do not need to continue the quest if you do not want to.
You must be in a party of at least 2 to participate in the quest. This means that two different beanlings must be depicted to qualify for this quest.