Upon a Treasure Map

Upon a Treasure Map Quest

"Ahoy! I don't suppose ya be up for a little treasure hunt? Ya see I have here a map I need explorin!"


Your beanling has been approached by the leader of the Prowler Privateers, Ocean, with the offer of a treasure map. In exchange for an awesome tale, Ocean will give you the map to explore. You're unsure why they would give you the map, but eager for adventure, you take it and set about your quest!

About the map:

The map is kind of old and dirty and some of the edges are torn or missing. It is a complete map of Prism Vale with X's marked on each island, though some of them are hard to see.

About this Quest:

If you participate in this quest you have the opportunity to advance to a second prompt which will count as one of your monthly quests if you chose to accept. You do not need to continue the quest if you do not want to.