The Rainbow Guild


"Hello! Welcome to the Rainbow Guild Headquarters!"

This is the place where you can learn all about the Rainbow Guild, who they are, and how to join!

Who are the Rainbow Guild?

The Rainbow Guild is a collective of kindhearted beanlings and flowerlings who love to spread joy and help those around them. They are mostly nice people who just like to do nice things for others. They are always present helping with festivities and some of the greatest party coordinators are members of the Rainbow Guild. This guild is great for people who want to be contributors to their local beanling community! This is a catch all kind of guild.

Guild Details

Guild Leader: Elena
Headquarters: Rosa Island
Guild Colours: All colours of the rainbow
Guild Emblem:

The emblem is most often represented as a rainbow sitting on clouds or some similar variation.

How to Join

In order to join this guild you must first complete the following prompts:

1. Depict your beanling helping their local community.
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling and how they would help their local community. Perhaps they are helping an old lady cross the road? Or maybe they are giving away baked goods for a fundraiser? Maybe they are volunteering at the local Familiar shelter? You can use any kind act for this prompt.

2. Depict your beanling showing off their talent.

For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling showing off their talent. Are they a singer? Maybe a dancer? Or are they an artist? Maybe they are just super friendly? What is your beanling good at? (This prompt is separate from the "Getting to know you" Monthly prompt)

3. Depict your beanling showing off their Rainbow Guild attire!
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling wearing an outfit or apparel inspired by the Rainbow Guild. You must at least have the guild emblem somewhere on the design. Backgrounds are not required for this prompt.


- Art must not be reused.
- Art must be at least clean sketched and flat coloured.
- Backgrounds are required unless otherwise stated.
- Written entries have a minimum word count of 600 Words per prompt.
- Your entry will only apply for one beanling which you must state in the comments, however, you can include other characters.