About Beanling Magic

About Beanling Magic.

Since they were created by magic, beanlings are innately magical fairy-like creatures. Their life force comes from their wish tails, which consists of a ribbon infused with magical script that represents the wish they are born from. 

All beanlings can use magic in some form or another, however, some beanlings are more gifted than others. Dew is a good indicator of a beanlings magical prowess as more dew implies more stamina and the ability to cast bigger, more powerful spells. Dew also keeps them hydrated and happy. If their dew dries out they can no longer float or use magic and must either be placed in a source of water or sleep to regenerate it. Every time an individual uses magic, a small part of their dew is consumed, it will regenerate slowly over time. More mutations and rarer traits also indicate that beanling possess great potential magic as mutations are usually manifestations of excess magical power. Flowerlings are naturally more magically imbued than beanlings as their wish has come true and infused them with additional power, thus why they are bigger in size and have been able to sprout their flower. 

Solei Island is naturally the main home of the School of Magic as it is the largest source of natural flowing dew. The island has enhanced magical properties that allow students to practice magic without hindrance or worry of exhaustion. Many beanlings come to the School of Magic in order to learn more in depth forms of magic like spontaneous transportation or plane-shifting, summoning greater familiars, complicated charms or advanced potions. The Great Library is also located on campus and a useful tool for those that would rather do independent learning. 

A second, smaller School of Magic campus is also located on Versii Island, which is the second most potent location of natural Dew. Versii Campus is less popular than Solei Campus as the cold temperature of Versii is often a hindrance. The dew often freezes over for half the year making it harder to use and requiring more work than the ever flowing sources on Solei. Still, the smaller school offers more personalized teaching and you can usually inquire about personal tutoring or even an apprenticeship.