Journey into the Canyon

Journey into the Canyon Quest


Your beanling is very adventurous and has decided to explore the giant canyon of Azul. You have heard that there are valuable gemstones in the caves that litter the canyon and there is even talk of a treasure hoard deep within the island. Depict your beanling exploring the cave, have they stumbled upon some gems? Maybe they are in a fungus covered cavern? Maybe they have run into a monster! 

About the Canyon:

The Giant Canyon of Azul is well known throughout Prism Vale, but is also mysterious as new caves seem to appear every day that have yet to be explored. It is a dark and damp place, with the occasional luminescent fungus lighting the way. Gemstone veins can be found in the depths as well as other loot. Where the loot comes from is a mystery. The canyon depths are also home to numerous monsters including slimes and spiderlings. Other monsters have also been sighted in the deeper caves.

About this Quest:

If you participate in this quest you have the opportunity to advance to a second prompt which will count as one of your monthly quests if you chose to accept. You do not need to continue the quest if you do not want to.