Beanling Traits

Welcome to the Beanling Trait guide.

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Beanling Traits:


Basic Anatomy:

Beanlings are tiny creatures. They have vaguely feline type faces with fluffy cheeks and short snouts. Their bodies are bean-like in shape with stumpy arms. Their hands are like paws, but can have a small thumb. They can have between 3-5 digits. See Basic Anatomy guide here.


All Beanlings have a droplet of dew caught in each of their ears. It keeps them hydrated and happy. If their dew dries out they can no longer float or use magic and must either be placed in a source of water or sleep to regenerate it.

  • Clear - Clear dew is the standard for all beanlings and flowerlings. The dew present in the ears is circular in shape and clear in color, thought it can be depicted as a light shade of blue. See dew - Clear guide here.


Beanlings have animal-like ears. They can come on a variety of sizes from tiny to extra large. These ears are real and have a slightly unusual shape as they have a special spot designed for their dew to sit.


These feelers are soft and feathery in texture. They are used to detect emotions. Beanlings often are seen snuggling creatures and rubbing their feelers on them in order to better understand what they are feeling. These are unrelated to the wings in terms of style!


Beanlings have wings attached to their lower back, the size can vary from tiny to extra large. They are non functioning as beanlings use magic to float. They are however, similar to fish fins and can help keep the beanling steady and balanced. While they float a beanlings movement is very similar in style to that of a fish swimming.


Beanlings have tails. Every beanling has one as they are the wish from which they are born. The tail is made from paper or ribbon and has the wish inscribed upon it in magical script (can be scribble-like, or actual writing). They come in a variety of lengths as their wish can be big or small! The tail naturally tends to curl up as it acts kind of like a protective shield for their stumpy bean sprout body, though it can flow in any direction as desired at will. They are by default plain white with only the writing decorating the paper. See here for Tail guide.

Colors and Patterns:

Beanlings body / hair can be any color or pattern you design, there are no restrictions. Only the wish tail has design restrictions - it must be white with only the writing present, which can be any single color.


Eyes are generally a standard eye shape/however you feel like drawing them. They do not have any colour restriction and can have shaped/no pupils including, flowers, hearts, etc. These are free!