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Can beanlings/flowerlings wear clothes/accessories? Yes! They can wear whatever you like!

Can beanlings interact with my other OCS/CS/etc? Yes! Beanlings are a companion species, created by a sentient being making a wish. Beanlings tend to stay by those who made them when not in Prism Vale.

Can other creatures see beanlings? Yes, if a beanling allows it anyone can see them, although they can also choose to be invisible. 

Can beanlings speak? Yes! Beanlings can speak and have their own language, they can also understand and speak the language of the person that made them. However, to anyone that isn’t a beanling their voices sound very high pitched and squeaky, even if they otherwise have a very deep voice to other beanlings.

How big is a beanling/flowerling? Beanlings are small creatures! A beanling is about the size of your pinky finger (3 inches / 7.6 cm). A flowerling is double the size and about the size of your hand (6.8 inches / 17.2 cm). They can vary between these two lengths depending on traits like long or short tails but generally the longest tail is no longer than 2 hand lengths.

Do beanlings have genders? No, they do not have genders and can appear however they like.

Is hair optional? Yes, hair is optional. As a beanling they can only have none, short or tufts of hair. As a flowerling it is the only trait which they can change at will!

Can I co-own a beanling? No, sorry! It can get confusing who owns which beanling and I’d like to keep things as simple as possible.

Can beanlings breed? This is a complicated question, the short answer is technically yes. Beanlings do not breed in the common sense as they lack a gender and thus a means to reproduce, however, there is a way for two beanlings to create their own wishes! During the New Year there is an event called the Sprouting. It is a time where the magical essence of Prism Vale is at its peak, two flowerlings that have been imbued with additional magical properties can come together and combine their magic into a handful of beanlings! These beanlings are formed from the wishes of their parents and share common traits from both flowerlings. These beanlings are then either cared for by their parents or adopted out into the community.

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