Delivering 10 Bear Asses

Delivering 10 Bear Asses Quest


Your beanling is recognized for their strength and skill and has been asked by a local farmer to help with a monster problem. They have asked your beanling to track down and slay 10 monsters that have been terrorizing the area. For this prompt you only have to depict your beanling in combat with one monster. It can be the start of the battle or the end or your beanling delivering the dead monster to claim a reward.

About the Monsters:

For this quest you can draw any kind of monster you would like. Common monsters in Prism Vale include slimes, spiderlings, wolves, giant frogs, young dragons, giant snakes, shadow demons, Yeti, elementals, etc.

About this Quest:

This quest does not advance. However, you may repeat this quest as many times as you like up to the monthly limit.