How Questing Works


"I have some tasks that need completing, you can check the questing board to see what's available."


What is Questing?

Questing is an optional activity that both beanlings and flowerlings can participate in. Your character will embark on a journey and perhaps they will discover some rewards along the way!

How does questing work?

Players can choose from an assortment of different quest prompts and depict their beanling completing their chosen task. They can then submit their entry for random rewards. Your rewards are affected by your chosen stat.
You can check your questing status here.

How do the stats effect the reward?

The higher the stat the higher the reward. Higher stats reflect a higher level of experience and knowledge. See about stats here.

How will rewards be rolled?

Currently all results will be hand rolled by Toffee-Tama via discord.

 See here for the reward roll break down.

Available Quests:

There are a variety of quests available. There are several categories to chose from that will best suit your character and mood.

Mind Quests

These quests are best suited for those who are intellectually inclined.

The Mysterious Library Quest

The Gaming Tournament Quest

 The Message Runner Quest

Mystery Spell Quest

Body Quests

These quests are best suited for those who have physical prowess.

Journey into the Canyon Quest

The Sporting Tournament Quest

Delivering 10 Bear Asses Quest

A Fishy Challenge Quest

Other Quests

You may chose any stat to be assigned to these quests.

Party: Facing the Ice Labyrinth Quest

An errand for Pumpkin Quest

Following the Fae Quest

Upon a Treasure Map Quest

Mini Quests

These are small quests that are easier to complete and do not require a stat, but their rewards are less.

Floral Fever Mini Quest

A Vision of the Past


  • All entries must be at least clean sketched and must be coloured.
  • All entries must have a background. Unless stated otherwise.
  • Written entries must be a minimum of 800 words. Unless stated otherwise.
  • Including other beanlings or CS is optional. If drawn all characters must be clearly depicted to qualify to claim a reward.
  • Each beanling depicted can submit the entry for a reward. If the beanling is not owned by you, you must have the owner confirm if they are giving you their rewards. You may claim a quest if someone else depicts your beanling and you have permission from the artist to use their work.
  • You can use commissioned/works made by others for questing with their permission.
  • Maximum 5 Beanlings per entry.
  • Maximum of 5 quests can be claimed per player per month.
  • All rewards may be deposited into your personal storage at your request and are accessible by all your beanlings.
  • Rewards are trade-able / sell-able.

To hand in a quest please visit the Questing Forum.