Visions of the Past

Visions of the Past Questddru451-8ef70ff0-1ac2-4627-985b-02f65a7b


"Many things can be learnt from the past, we must not forget it."


Depict your beanling remembering something from their past.

About the prompt:

This is a simple prompt, you can depict your beanling doing anything you like from their past.

About this Quest:

This quest does not advance. However, you may repeat this quest as many times as you like up to the monthly limit.
This is a mini quest, thus has special requirements:

  • This quest does not require a background.
  • You may draw at minimum a clean sketched fullbody of your beanling. This prompt does not require colour but it does require light shading (Think black and white).
  • Writing has a minimum of 150 words.
  • This quest will only drop common rewards.