A land of Ant colonies, once nannied by patron lesser gods who squabbled over decisions regarding its mortals, now long-abandoned. Centuries of stalemate skirmishes have locked the land in a constant cycle of revenge against each other, with each of the six colonies vying for gyne, land, resources, and influence. Some still whisper, though, that their gods are still out there, somewhere, watching over them still....

So were Leader Tinte Ink's thoughts, when he raided and destroyed Rain Colony - the first utter destruction of another Ant colony that Myrme had seen. With the sudden escalation, the other four colonies scramble to catch up to Ink's new aggression, while Leader Cleverly Clover does his best to avoid an all-out world war.

Even the smallest decisions and choices can turn the tide of Myrme.

Main Storylines

Cleverly Clover, a god-in-hiding dedicating his life to protecting the mortals his peers abandoned, alone after being violently exiled from Gemline for standing up for them.

Cogito, Cleverly's longtime best friend, lover, and obsessive jilted ex, who has overtaken the city of gods to cultivate a place where they can live together again, despite much backlash.

Tinte Ink, the youngest Colony leader, eager to stir up conflicts and changes great enough to bring Myrme's gods back, in pursuit of the idealized old world he'd heard so many stories of. 

But there are many more conflicts - some minor, some enormous - brewing under the surface. And as war looms inevitable, decisions will have to be made that will shatter the 256,000-year armistice and alter the surface forever.

Further Reading

Myrme's Toyhouse World is here, with worldbuilding (a timeline, maps, etc). It's under some revamps so several pages might be outdated, though the general ideas are still accurate.

Myrme is a part of Numbers Story, my ten-year-old personal headworld.

Many of the themes, dynamics, and characters in Myrme are very self-indulgent and things I enjoy exploring, writing, and thinking about. This does mean it's a little closer to my heart than some of the other (hidden) universes I work on.
I'd be really happy if you read anything about it or asked questions! Thank you for even reading this!

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