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oc art gallery questions + more pokemon go frens

Posted 1 month, 21 hours ago by Hag

do you organize your character art galleries?

14 Votes yes, via sub-gallery tabs
0 Votes yes, via separate page tabs
9 Votes yes, not with tabs/unlabelled system
5 Votes nope

so like answer the poll, and if you want to comment i'd love to hear everyone's thoughts! making a poll was difficult for this question, tbh

i personally get tired of wading through sub-galleries and tabs since the website doesn't organize them all too well with IC buttons atm lol. i have a 'system' in my mind that is like.... order of reference first, then colored fullbodies, halfbodies, headshots, THEN move on to noncolored in the same order, buuuuut it's hard to remember sometimes when you're just excited to get new art or w/e lol

also yes unrelated to TH.... i need more pokego friends... cough. give me them friend codessssss

Repository icons poll

Posted 6 months, 21 days ago by Hag

What style of icons do you like for your roster?

3 Votes Chibi headshot
9 Votes Full headshot/bust
5 Votes Chibi fullbody
19 Votes Favorite art piece in gallery- crop
0 Votes Other (comment)!

I know I've asked this question before... Like... Years ago lol but still!
New poll, new responders to be had!

The question is more or less, like... what matching style do you like for your character icons? If you had to have them matching.

i still love chibi fullbodies so that'd still be my answer, but i do see the appeal of chibi headshots and stuff... hmmmm

OC Birthdays

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by Hag














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