Catband is the name of my comic about a battle of the bands TV competition of the same name, set in New York City in 2007.

It's a story about music and community, and the soul of a city.

Catband originally ran as a webcomic from 2007-2009, and I'm currently planning a reboot, so everything you see right now is a work-in-progress for that. The comic has a big cast, so not all the characters are on Toyhouse yet, but most of the major players are here.

If you prefer, you can view all the cast at once in the Catband tag; otherwise, the sub-folders below separate the major character groups.

The original comic isn't online anymore, but if you're interested in more from this world, I post a lot of short stories about the characters here on Toyhouse, and I talk about behind-the-scenes stuff on the comic's twitter.

I also write about the comic more in depth on my Patreon!

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